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The Technology
The flexibility of this award-winning patented technology allows MHA Lighting to replace fluorescent fittings and achieve BS and LG standards
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Dont miss the opportunity to join a growing team
LED lighting manufacturer to shine lite!
LED's reduce energy cost


          SHINE-LITE is your one stop shop for all your LED Lighting wants. We have readily applicable products and also give your customized LED solutions. With our SHINE-LITE LED products, we spread the slogan GO-GREEN which makes our country energy efficient and reduces global warming. Our products are CE and Rohs certified and carry a warranty period of 2years. We have a long list of satisfied clients who give repeated orders after having experienced the usefulness of having installed our SHINE- LITE LED Lights. We also offers products such us LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED high bay lights. Our products are of high quality, sleck and sturdy and of good finish. Our after sales support earned us a good name to become one of the leaders in LED Lights. Below are the important points which make us go in for LED LIGHTS Chennai.

          SHINE-LITE LED Lights have products for all applications like indoor, outdoor, underground and under water. LED Lights for commercial applications like panel lights, tube lights, street lights, high bay lights, and flood lights are our specialty. So we welcome you to use our SHINE-LITE LED products and conserve energy and money. Serving you is our motto.

LED's reduce energy cost


LED's reduce maintaining cost


LED's reduce cooling cost


LED's last for more than 50,000 hours